The Studio

Our mission: Provide you with unforgettable shared fun with your loved ones!

Our story

Zygomatic is a board game publishing studio belonging to Asmodee (a major player in the board games field around the world). The studio was created in 2016 to take care of and grow successful games like Dobble, Jungle Speed, Abalone (and many more!), but also to develop new games to be played with family and friends.

Our Mission

Our mission is above all things to enable you to play again and again, and share unique moments with your loved ones! To do this, we create simple and innovative board games, for adults as well as for kids!

Our team

We are a small, happy team, all united by our shared love of games, and all big believers in their importance: to laugh, create bonds, and grow. Therefore, we take great care of our projects and develop fun, quality games, which are easy to understand and quick to play, fun, and stimulating.
For this we work closely with authors, illustrators, and manufacturers, to test and improve the mechanics and ergonomics of our games, in order to make them fun and unforgettable.

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